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Free from evils, Get into the good luck! Vedic astrology shows on the casting of an astrological horoscope Chart, Your Personal Fortune Teller for a happy peaceful Life!

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Pilgrimage Tours Offer prayers and pujas at ancient Navagraha Temples and holy places by conducting tours with us. Learn Astrology Astrology is a science dealing with its spiritual aspect, involves mathematics and Astronomy.

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Vedic astrology Jyotish is part of Vedic knowledge. Quick Links How to order Online? Copyright jeevanadi.

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Nadi Astrology Prediction Is Extremely Ancient, At Least Years Old. The Origin Of The Nadi Astrology (Palm Leaf Reading) Can Be Traced Back To. To get Nadi Astrology Online the first process involved in availing is to send the corresponding THUMB IMPRESSION of the seeker who according to astrological .

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Nadi Reading Procedure. Jeevanadi Procedure. Live Video Consultation. How to Order Online?

Once your Index leaf is identified, we proceed to the other chapters which represent the different aspects of your life. Click Here to know details about the chapters. All the information are written in ancient poetic forms, the Nadi Reader will decode in normal Tamil Language, which will be translated by a translator in English.

You will have a translator in any mode of reading. Since all the Nadi Leaves are written in ancient Tamil, it will be decoded and translated by the translator.

Email Support support astrobhava. Search your leaf.

What if your leaf is not found? Identify your Index leaf. Click Here to know sample questions. Transcription of the leaves.

In Tamil, the years are named and the cycle appears every 60 years. A Tamil year starts from 14th April and ends on 13th April. You should be born between 2. Were your born Aippasi, between 17th October to 15 November?

Procedure of Nadi Jothidam Reading

There are various phonetics in Tamil Language. Questions will be accordingly. Does your name start with a Vallinam? Refer below for more details. Tamil Months.


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