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Grand Cross April 2014: Astral Insights~

For when we stop struggling and allowing ourselves to get stressed out and emotionally overwrought, often enough, it is only then that the best options materialize, solutions we couldn't previously see. As every Full Moon signals a time of revelation, when we can ideally gather much more objective insights into our lives and the world around us, this is potentially a very beneficial time for us to see how we fall prey to this kind of faulty thinking that leads to limiting extremes in attitudes and approaches to life. Look out for certain familiar frustrations and notice when stubborn defensiveness, self-righteousness, superior-than-thou, and other distancing behaviors and attitudes arise.

Demystifying the MYSTIC RECTANGLE, GRAND TRINES, and More! Aspect Patterns— with Heather!

There's an opportunity to not only acquire better insights right now, but to also transform the way in which we handle conflicts and disagreements that tend to trigger these less-than-ideal reactions. The Cancer Full Moon grand cross involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto further emphasizes the importance of untangling old knots that have kept us bound, personally and collectively, in unhealthy, divisive ways of thinking and relating for too long. The harmonious aspects flowing water trine and sextile to the Moon and Sun from both Mars and Chiron in transcendant, seeking-unity Pisces shown in the full lunation chart above is yet another indication of the current potential to heal separations and learn to better recognize ourselves in others and respect the rights of others, even those very different from us.

Revisiting the sacred geometry inherent in the grand cross, and other insights into this interesting squaring of the zodiac circle, perhaps can help us move towards that central staircase Marks refers to. The cross is an ancient symbol of the squaring of the circle signifying the marriage of human and divine, heaven and earth. Jung felt that the square, which the cross is one aspect, represented the polarized, fractured state that occurs prior to achieving inner unity — a unity which is in turn symbolized by the circle, the ultimate and infinite state of wholeness.

The vertical line of the cross represents the male sky god crossing the horizontal line of Mother Earth, Gaia — the cross itself a symbol for the fertile intersection of these two planes of consciousness. Representations of the relationship between the circle and the square are common and universal, found in religious and spiritual iconography the world over. The symbolism illuminates a deeper dimension of meaning beyond the typical astrological perspective that a square is a tense and stressful aspect.

It is indeed on one level, yet if we lift ourselves up to the second dimension to include the circle a grand cross suggests, its meaning transforms.

Astrological Configurations

We see the context, the entirety of the circle it divides. The squares and circles of astrology are shown in a fundamental way through the relationship of the elements and the modes of energy. A grand cross is a good example as it consists of four squares unified by a single mode of energy, the unifying quadruplicity — a relationship that encodes this mystical squaring of the circle. Moreover, the four elements fire, earth, air and water combined with the three modes or types of energy cardinal, fixed and mutable give rise to the 12 signs of the zodiac circle, each a degree slice of the entire astrological pie.

This sacred geometry is also evident in the Celtic Cross, an icon that predates Christianity by several centuries. Other examples of the mystical import of the square and circle are the mandalas of India and Tibet and the male-female symbolism of China. The masculine principle yang in Chinese symbolism is represented by a white circle depicting heaven , while the feminine principle is denoted by a black square representing earth.

The white circle indicates energy and celestial influences while the black square stands for earthy telluric forces. The interaction of these two varying forces is represented by the classic Taoist taijitu , the symbol of the Yin-Yang, a circle divided by an s-curved, sigmoid line. The white section contains a black seed within it, and the black section a white seed, signifying wholeness through complementarity. There is always at least a bit of one in the other, the connecting point.

The wavy sigmoid line is also an interesting symbol denoting the movement of communication — and implies the infinite turning of the universe, the spiraling rotation that occurs from the smallest bits of matter to our immense galaxies. It is a universal symbol found in many cultures. The vesica piscis , another symbol adopted by the Christian religion, also represents the intersection of the two circles or planes of consciousness, inscribed on the Chalice Well cover at Glastonbury Abbey, shown here. The two circles of heaven and earth intersect, overlap, in the vesica piscis, the almond-shaped "seed" or mandorla.

You may have used Venn diagrams in a math class, if so you were playing with this sacred geometry. The mathematical ratio, interestingly, of the width of this overlapping vesica piscis to its height is the square root of 3. The number three, like the circle, represents wholeness and completion. Any restlessness and anxiety cause by Uranus is going to be exacerbated and exaggerated by Jupiter. It is going to be dramatically intensified out of all proportion by Pluto, leading to some sort of crisis.

The resulting rebellious actions in defiance of societal standards and traditions, will be most provocative, explosive and potentially threatening to a large number of people. The ability to compromise is hampered by an inability to relate to both enemies and allies at an emotionally mature nature. Sacrifice and suffering. Afghanistan has Vertex on Algorab, Jupiter on Sirius.

Cardinal Cross April

China has Mercury and Neptune on Algorab. Egypt has Vertex on Algorab. Greece has Ascendant and Saturn on Sirius. Iraq has Part of Fortune on Sirius. Libya has Saturn on Algorab, Uranus on Sirius. North Korea has Neptune on Algorab. Syria has Ascendant on Algorab, Midheaven on Sirius.

Grand Cross 2014 Moon Phases

Tony Abbott has MC on Sirius. Vladimir Putin has Sun on Algorab. I have The Sun at Aries. I am a true Solar Man and I was destined to rule.

The Natal Grand Cross/Grand Square in Astrology

As far as the entire month goes, I see that whatever we have needed to press the accelerator on or press that confirm button on or seal the deal on, is best done at the New Moon time or when there is a lovely angle between Jupiter and Venus from the 16th to 19th July. Indeed from the 17th, get ready to see a quickening of steps that must be taken to fulfill certain responsibilities, loyalties, and agreements that are leading you and others brightly.

This is because it is a rather warm and vigorous fire influence as the Sun moves into Leo and roars with a Leonine New Moon all purring with the North Node, our point of destiny and best direction, also in Leo, Mercury Leo until it moves into very detail oriented and reliable Virgo on the 26th, which also will help fine-tune what we need to but it will be in a retrograde shadow. So I recommend making important purchases and commitments before Mercury goes into shadow, wherever it is practical. Once Mercury enters shadow, and then goes fully retrograde, it is the best time to review and reflect and many of the activities that begin with a re.

N ot all re words though, such as it is not the best time to completely relocate now if one can help it, unless one is returning. Activities that relate to a time of retrospection, getting ready, repairing, re-doing or restoration all fit the bill well. Mercury will move into the mutable Earth sign of Virgo on the 26th and during its sojourn in Virgo all of August, within a retrograde cycle, this may be a great time to go over administrative, service oriented and mental matters with a fine toothed comb; just watch out for becoming overly critical or puritanical or perfectionistic!

I will try to remind us about this in our August update. Venus moves into Gemini on the 6th of July, bringing communication to the forefront, and great thinking, possibly hyper busy mentation. There will be a wonderful conjunction of Venus in Gemini with Jupiter in Libra on July 19th, an optimistic and graceful conjunction which we will start to feel from the 15th and all the way into the eve of the loving New Moon in Leo.

The only thing to be slightly alert for at the New Moon, 23rd, will be the possibility of some exaggerated pride that may put others down instead of keeping us on equal level or humble with others; so be gracious, Leo can be excellent at that also, instead of grossly grandiose and all will be splendid on the 23rd and the days following. Saturn, which can often be maligned as a heavy task Master will be so well appreciated as he shows his capacity to sign on the dotted line and make inspirations and joys reality, with his prudence and seal of what will feel like approval.

Are we feeling frazzled when it comes to communication? A baby Lion is not a dangerous lion. Love and to be heard. When Mercury moves into Leo he will then be making a harmonious angle to the Moon in Sagittarius on that same day, July 7th, so emotions, thoughts, and words will all be feeling more aligned thank goodness on that day and it behooves us all to take that opportunity to cross bridges and make up for where things have been quite shaken on that Friday before we have our emotionally intense Full Moon on the 9th with Cancer Sun and Cancer Mars opposing the Capricorn Full Moon and Pluto Retrograde.

Archetypal Astrologer Shawn Nygaard

They also impart great determination and focus — for good or ill. The squares and circles of astrology are shown in a fundamental way through the relationship of the elements and the modes of energy. Thanks, y'all. Two of his biggest peeves are the sorry state of American education and the indifference of the United States to world affairs. Still, it's preferable to thinking that we can't overcome fate at all - that's a really terrifying thought.

Try not to make any huge sweeping decisions from the 3rd to the 6th, or believe any crazy notions or proposals, yours or others, with that square between Mercury and Uranus, you may want to, but you would be best to just encourage the energy to move through and not let it accrue.

Moon conjunct Pluto automatically brings intensity, at any stage of the moon cycle, and the moon in its fullness automatically adds magnitude and ripeness and the sense of a concluding point of a personal cycle, you will know what that is in your own life, or at least if you pay attention you can see or choose to know what that completion is. However, this full moon, coupled with Pluto, both in Capricorn, has a curious emotional complexity.

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Capricorn strongly wishes to control emotions and maintain a dignified mature and statesmanlike aura. Feeling disrespected or vulnerable tends to be very uncomfortable and brings up strong defenses and coolness in the Capricorn archetype. Capricorn is a goat but in ancient times was depicted with a fish tail, this is to represent that Capricorn is not all pragmatism and materialism, Capricorn has an almost esoteric connection to the feeling and unseen realm too but it is often not known or seen by others, sometimes it is blocked to itself also in preference for the sturdy goat display.

But this is an emotionally uncovering opposition. Moon conjunct Pluto heightens the energy and complexity of this mood, bringing issues of repressed feelings and controlling to light, particularly how we may have habitually done so in the past, retrograde, and how that may be biting us in the backside now and giving us a healthy urge to purify and release long held frozen states.

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The Cancerian archetype knows feelings so well, swims in them, they are its territory. But Cancer also, like Capricorn but for a different reason, wants to hide its great tenderness, that is why the crab sign has a shell. Cancer wishes to private away these feeling terrains it dwells in not in the way Capricorn fears losing control, respect and a guiding position but because it may then be open to harm without any shell and may merge co-dependently in a big sea of chaotic feeling if there is not some kind of armor.

Cancer fears being totally defenseless. So both signs, Cancer as Cardinal Water and Capricorn as Cardinal Earth, both wanting to take charge in their own way, have a difficulty with letting feelings be shared.