Capricorn birthday horoscope february 17

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Routines are highlighted today. You find it when you surrender to the habitual processes of your daily life. Think of it this way: When you're performing a mundane task you've done a million times, like washing the dishes, your mind is allowed to wander far and wide.

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Some serious creativity can spring from the very tasks you consider most tedious! Hard work comes easily to you today, but don't spend the whole day at the office. Just because you're capable of putting in long hours doesn't mean you should! Find time for some relaxation. Schedule it in, if you have to. Take at least an hour or two to unwind. Hang out with a friend, go for a walk or do something creative. Nature and physical pleasures are especially centering. Relaxation is key today. If you can stay flexible and easygoing, you're in for an enjoyable time.